Karl founded The UK Paranormal Study "U.K.P.S." Back in 1993 he has great passion for any of the work he and his team does and is always interested in anything relating to the Paranormal and Ufology.  

He has worked with so many great teams and psychics over the years one being TV Psychic Tony Stockwell, and is also a good friend to Medium Simon Peters, he has also appeared in many magazines and news papers in the U.K. and even in the USA and Canada.

Karl has been doing paranormal investigations for 28 years so you can imagine the amount of haunted locations that he’s investigated, he has also been a ufologist for 26 years.  He is also a psychic and deals in rune stone readings though these days he has taken a back seat from this and mainly focuses on the paranormal etc, he is not interested in making money from any of this as he strongly believes that paranormal investigation etc is not about making money or becoming famous but about the soul purpose of being scientific in the work that he does and is always willing to help anyone in need of help or to point them in the right direction in getting the help they need.

A few years back Karl filmed his own paranormal show called The Lone Ghost Hunter where he investigates many haunted locations around the U.K. and is planning on bringing the show back sometime in the very near future he also ran his own paranormal radio show back in 2015 but due to Karl’s busy work load in his work relating to paranormal investigation he had to put an end to his paranormal radio show known as The Spooked Radio Show.

Karl’s biggest paranormal icon is the great Peter Underwood and having an interest in Peter and his work is what got Karl into doing this in the first place, Peter Underwood is a true inspiration to the world of the paranormal and will always be someone Karl will look up to.


The U.K.P.S. investigates many cases such as....

-Paranormal Case Files

-Haunted Locations



-Missing Person Cases

-Vampire Law


-The Real Men In Black (The Silencers)

-Area 51

-Unsolved Mysteries 

-Jack The Ripper

-Alien Abduction

-Conspiracy Case Files


-Murder Mysteries 

-And More...

They also use many types of equipment to run scientific experiments such as E.V.P. Equipment "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" which includes Spirit Boxes and other sound recording devices, E.M.F. Equipment "Electro Magnetic Field", Trigger Objects and much more, their work also includes a great deal of research on many different things relating to the above topics.